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Building and Online Community

February 18, 2012

Reading PRNewswire’s blog on WordPress was really interesting. The blogger wrote about developing a community and the responsibilities that brings.

With increases in the blog readership they needed to find out what they needed to do to keep those viewers.  They enlisted the help of The Poytner Institute, a traditionally journalistic source.

This is what they were told:

1. “[They] need a minimum of three new pieces of content a day to keep our community coming back for more.

2. That’s when we started working with an editorial calendar and weekly editorial meetings.”

3. “If you have good content 80% of the time, your audience will forgive your promoting yourself 20% of the time”

4.  “[They] learned the site must constantly evolve with new features or placement of new features and that surveying and testing is critical to this process. You can’t be afraid to fail with something new, just fail quickly and move on.”

There is something to be said for we journalists. We sometimes have some good advice.

What is the Result?

“As a result of our tactics, ProfNet Connect has been performing phenomenally.  In June 2011, the site had page views double from the prior month and there were over a third more unique monthly visitors to the site. Searches for profiles are up as well as we find people are using the site to “connect” with one another.   We found once we got organized, we got results and our community really started to grow.”*

Community is the key. Building it and staying organized is the way.

*all quotes from


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